International Network for Research on VET Teacher Development

This page is dedicated to the International Network for Research on VET Teacher Development. This is an informal international network of researchers who study in-service and pre-service learning of teachers/professors/instructors/lecturers in vocational and professional education.

Vocational and professional education includes such programs that prepare students for a career in trades, technologies, and professions, including plumber, welder, hairdresser, landscape technologist, nurse, social worker, accountant, financial advisor, construction engineering technologist, jobs in radio and television, carpenter.

Members of the network recently met and presented at the 2019 JVET conference in Oxford UK. The following is a collection of their presentation slides.

Dr. Ann Karin Sandal – Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – Presentation on Vocational teachers’ professional development related to Assessment for Learning in Norway

Dr. HE Dong – South China Normal University – Presentation on The Collaborative Development of TVET in the Guangdong-Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategic Choices.

Dr. Teressa Schmidt – CQ University Australia – Presentation Is the whole more than the sum of its parts? Thinking beyond a framework for ‘good’ VET teaching

Dr. des Sören Schütt-Sayed & Prof. Dr. Wilko Reichwein – University of Hamburg – Presentation on Professionalisation of vocational school teachers for the implementation of “Vocational education and training for sustainable development”

Dr. Piety Runhaar & Dr. Marianne van Woerkom – Presentation on Teacher team development in the Dutch VET-Sector

Dr. Christine Arnold – Memorial University of Newfoundland and Dr. Mary Wilson – Niagara College of Art and Technology – Presentation on Learning Outcomes for Credit Transfer in VET and Higher Education; International Policy Considerations and Conflictions    — And their Handout

Dr. Samantha Jones and Dr. Catherine Lloyd – Bedford College – Presentation on Praxis and phronesis in further education; Uncovering hte scholarship of further education lecturers

Dr. Barb Gustafson – Saskatchewan Polytechnic University of Saskatchewan – Presentation on The second apprenticeship: Learning and Identity

Dr. Maria Gruber, Dr. Alfred Riedl and Katharina Kronsfoth – Technical University Munich – Development of an innovative programme “Master of education for vocational eudcation and training”

Dr. Franz Kaiser – Rostock University – Presentation on Vocational Teachers in the Schwedish and Finish Vocational Education Systems

Dr. Annemarieke Hoekstra – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Presentation on Conditions for instructor professional learning in vocational and professional education

Dr. Cheryl Reynolds – University of Huddersfield – Presentation on Digital Poverty and VET

Dr. Erica Smith and Andy Smith – Federation University Australia – Presentation on JVET Anti-intellectualism in the VET sector in Austalia: Manifestations and explanations